Terms and Conditions

It is with great pleasure that we will be welcoming your treasure to camp. We trust he/she will have a great time enjoying the freedom with friends. Our aim is to allow your child to have great fun in the outdoors to help encourage them to learn about nature and their impact on the environment around them. Our programs are typically jam packed with fun activities. If we succeed, you will get a happy child back after camp, who will not be as clean as when you sent them, but will have lots of stories to tell you and will need a good sleep after all the activities.

Please help us keep everyone healthy

If your child catches a contagious disease and will still be infectious when camp starts, PLEASE rather keep them at home and if they get better bring them to camp a day or two late. We will remind the children to keep clean, but please also remind them to wash their hands often, especially before meals.

Please note we are an environmental centre where we aim to let children to get close to nature which comes with natural allergens and insects such as bees and wasps. If your child has a life threatening allergy, please make sure that you send the required medication to deal with an exposure to the allergen along with them, together with clear instructions that can be followed by people who are not medically trained.  Your child will also need to be familiar with procedures to be followed should they need medical care.

Only essential medications are to be sent to camp.  Vitamins and tonics can be given before they arrive – please do not send them to camp. All medications for one child must be placed in a single container (medications cannot be shared between siblings). Make sure you include your child’s name and dosing instructions that can be clearly understood that are stuck to the container so they cannot be misplaced.

All medication must be handed to your child’s Teacher on arrival.  No medications are allowed to be kept in children’s bags.


Happy Acres is known for the home style healthy, nutritious and child friendly meals. Your child will be able to choose the portion size for each-dish in line with our goal of encouraging children to make decisions for themselves while also minimising wastage.  We are able to provide vegetarian meals if needed, and while every effort will be made to assist with other special needs, specific eating plans are unfortunately not possible.

What to bring

All items must be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Only pack old favourite clothes that are clearly marked with their name. Get your child to help pack their own bags so they know what they brought on camp.

single fitted sheet sleeping bag/duvet pillow pyjamas
2 x towels (swim & shower) sun block hat toiletries in a bag
torch mosquito repellent shorts t-shirts
underwear walking shoes & socks sandals/slops tracksuit/jeans
warm jersey or jacket swimming costume lip balm pen / pencil
tuck money (optional) hand sanitizer (personal use) face masks x 3  

What not to bring

Any electronic devices (phones, tablets, gaming devices). Knives Aerosol cans
Extra food and sweets Any valuables  

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