About us

Happy Acres

Happy Acres, probably the most loved camp in South Africa, is a child-centred field centre with over 70 years’ experience in providing a prepared environment that enables children to learn more about themselves, the environment and their peers. Happy Acres provides an environment where children can leave their backgrounds, privileged or not, behind and enter a secure neutral world as equals with children from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s a place where youngsters are kept busy doing positive things, while being encouraged to explore many different fun-filled opportunities.


Children come to Happy Acres to have fun. The learning occurs almost effortlessly.

Holiday Camps

Educational camps focusing on biology

Fun Camps

Self-development or leadership camps

Facilities for you to run your own camps

Biological specimens for educational purposes


The renovations of Happy Acres started in January 2017 and most facilities have already been renovated. An electric fence has been erected around the property and we have 24 hour armed response to give you the peace of mind while you are responsible for your learners.  

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