School Programmes

Our aim is to help children learn about the natural world around them to help dispel unfounded fears of harmless creatures and
the delicacy of natural systems with the hope that they realise their role in conserving the world around us.
Our goal is to provide hands-on practical experiences in an enjoyable format to assist learners to build conceptual frameworks in their minds that enable them to organise and understand the content they are required to learn at school. 
Courses ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks or more can be provided. The longer the children stay the more content can be covered, the more skills can be taught and the more self-development exercises and fun activities can be included in the program (see durations suggested per grade).  

Evening programs for resident courses can include any combination of the following:
  • Indoor or outdoor games for fun only
  • Self-development games
  • Exercises to help improve observational skills, expand on data collation, presentation, analysis, interpretation and presentation.
  • Astronomy evenings as the stars can be spectacular on moonless nights which provides an ideal chance for your learners to view the milky way, planets, some constellations, different classes of stars, nebulae etc. 
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School Programmes