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Happy Acres is probably the country’s most loved children’s holiday camp with up to 40 000 children having passed through the camp a year since 1945.

The holiday camps are a hybrid of American camps, Scouts and good old South African outdoor fun with structures and programs that have developed over the last 75 years. The result is a highly organised system that encourages supportive interactions between children from a wide range of backgrounds.

An exciting new programme is designed for each holiday camp to provide fun-filled schedules for different age groups to ensure that campers of all ages are well cared for, stimulated and entertained. Some activities involve the entire camp and other sessions are group-specific, catering for various age groups and ability levels. The range of activities may include activities such as group games, outdoor adventures, walking/hiking, cook-outs, sports, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and acting. The organised activities are interspersed with opportunities to build friendships (which often last long after the camp ends), singing camp songs, swimming, rest time and many more activities.

Groups of roughly 10 boys and 10 girls of the same age are looked after by carefully selected and trained counselors who ensure the campers are busy having fun from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. The counselors are also responsible for ensuring their campers feel that they belong, get involved in activities, clean-up, are fed, have sun-block on and are kept warm throughout the camp.

The children sleep in dormitories with their counselor and fellow campers, with the boys and girls dormitories located on opposite sides of the property. 

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In the words of a young camper:
“Other camps may have better things, but Happy Acres does things better!”.

In the words of a parent
“I cannot stress the importance of sending your children at least once to this holiday camp. I know it's scary as a parent letting your little one stay away from home, I know it's new and different but give it a chance. Letting children be children again, outdoor hiking, crafts, and activities with games that don't require batteries or screens!! ………..  It has been running for nearly a century …. instilling values,  morals and good clean fun that will benefit your child immeasurably through their childhood and life.”
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